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Septic Tank

Septic Tank Emptying

Typical signs that you might need a site visit: 

  • Slow draining fixtures

  • Sewage backups

  • Foul odours in the house or near the tank

  • Lush patches of grass near the drain in field

These can all indicate septic tank problems. 

Get in touch with Drainaway for a quick efficient assessment

Maintaining a healthy septic tank is pivotal for the health of your property and the surrounding environment. Neglecting this responsibility can lead to a range of issues, including foul odours, sewage backups, and potential environmental contamination.  Fortunately, Drainaway is here provide you with a reliable solution to these problems.

Septic tanks are utilised for properties that are not connected to the regional waste system which i general, does not service rural Ireland.  

Regular maintenance, including emptying and cleaning (also known as bio cleaning), is necessary to prevent the buildup of sludge and scum with can clog the system and cause costly, unsanitary problems. This build up also poses a serious threat to health, as it can contaminate nearby wells, or other water sources for both humans and livestock.

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