Drain Away

Drain Away install the award-winning biocycle system in properties all over Kildare.


Drain Away install biocycle systems in properties all over Kildare. The biocycle system is much more than a septic tank it is an entire wastewater solution system.

Our biocycle installations are based around the size of the property. Our team of expert engineers access the expected water usage and the occupancy of the property before designing an efficient system suitable for your home.

Our biocycule installation service includes a

- Site Suitability Assessment

This assessment ensures that the proposed site is suitable for the proposed development.

- Septic Tank Replacement

We can provide a full septic tank replacement. The biocycle system helps overcome the problems often associated with other septic tank systems.

For more information on the biocycle system, get in contact with Drain Away today.

Biocycles FAQ